Absolute replacement of nitrogen fertilizers
For 1 Ha you need 6 kg our fertilizers (against 200 kg of saltpeter)
Additional income from 1 Ha more than $ 250
Our main goal — is to restore the fertile potential of the Ukrainian lands and force out nitrate and analog methods in principle and provide an effective solution.

For 3.5 years of research in the field of fertilizers, we invented a new product:
Our product has been recognized in the international arena (Grand Prix, Brazil 2017), as the best alternative to the currently existing methods. And also the President of Ukraine P.Poroshenko personally met and thanked us for the contribution to the development of science in Ukraine.
We offer not just another fertilizer, but a new stage in the development of agricultural technologies.
About us
Just compare what we offer and what you use now:
Benefits of IPC
Saltpeter +NPK
Amount of fertilizer per 1 Ha
200 kg
6 kg
Action on the field
field depletion
bacteria recovery
Frost/drought tolerance of plants
Number of field processing
• appearance of the tread qualities
• yield increase by 20%
• in 90% of cases grain of 1 group
Our method of fertilizer aimed to efficient and ecological farming.
IPC grain effect:
Additional income of $ 250 per 1 ha of field due to:
• yield increase by an average of 20% (+214$)
• 3 times less NPK is used (+20$)
• reduction of logistic costs (+7$)
• reduction of costs for 1 field processing (+9$)
Check out what financial benefits you will get with IPC
* We also produce fertilizer for a field of over 1000 Hectares.
Soil fertilizer occurs in 2 stages:
At this stage, 50% of fertilizer is required to be applied to the soil. This will increase the suction area and the number of adventitious roots.
Next, we make a biological product that will help plants independently absorb more nitrogen from the air and phosphorus from the earth.
Root system transformation
Sight on micronutrients
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